"Taunya always knows just what to do with my aches and pains, and even if there are no aches and pains. I have always gotten excellent massages with Taunya. "  Linda M.  

"Taunya is so skilled as a massage therapist.  She listens to your current conditions and is able to give a relaxing massge while working on tough muscles.  I highly recommend her!!"    Nicolle

All of the above are reviews from actual clients left as testimonials on my online booking site.

"I have always received very professional and therapeutic massages from Taunya. She's takes the time to consult with you prior to each session. I highly recommend Taunya!"       Susan

Keep reading to see what actual clients are saying about Therapeutic Massage.  

"I think Taunya saved my vacation with her knowledge of the body and her willingness to work long and hard to loosen knots that were causing me a lot of pain, and which would have made me unable to hike on my hiking vacation."            Bonnie

"Relaxing comfortable atmosphere, felt wonderful.  Will recommend to everyone looking for a massge.  Thank you very much."   Tami

"First massage I've had. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Taunya to others."  Pam

"Very pleasant provider"   Steve W.

"She does an amazing job!  I'd recommend her for anybody."     Janna

"I'd had a severe headache for 3 weeks straight. Taunya concentrated mostly on the problem areas that were causing the headache, but also worked out some stress points that I didn't even know were there. Two days later, the headache was gone! What wonderful relief!!! I'd definitely recommend her to my friends. "    Linda

"No one can work out my knots better than Taunya! Heck, sometimes she finds knots I didn't even know were there. I would not be able to function without her!!!!"    Shirley

"Massage hit the spots I needed and made me feel very good"    Audrey M.

"I was almost completely pain free all day when you got done with me."    Chris

"I was very apprehensive but you quickly eased my fears once you started the session. "    Aaron S.

"I asked for a firm full body massage and got that. Taunya explained areas as she went that I needed work on. She was very through. I would definitely recommend her service and I will be returning. Thanking you Taunya "    Mary Y.

"Wonderful massage. "  Carolyn M.

"I was very relaxed after and it was very well done.  I will definitely come back"    Madysn C

"I love Taunya's massages. So relaxing and helps fix a lot of muscle issues I have.  She takes the time to find out what issues you have.  Just want to lay there forever...."     Laura

"I come in at times very tight and Taunya is able to loosen my muscles up. I get pretty red and sore, but I come in pretty tight so she has a work out softening me up again. She's gotten to know what areas I tend to get tightened up and does a great job helping me get my body back on track. Thanks."    Connie C.

"Very relaxing. Felt relieved immediately following the massage. Perfect pressure exerted that I wanted. Amazing!"  Jocelyn B.

"Excellent experience, I will be a future client, highly recommended."  Susan K.

"My first time with a massage. I was a bit uncomfortable before going, but Taunya's calm professionalism put me at ease. I had a great experience and would recommend her to anyone looking for pain and stress relief."    Tom S.

"It was very relaxing and helped my sore neck and back"    Karen S.

"Very friendly and professional.  She helps you feel at ease ad works with you to find out what treatment works best for you"    Andrew V

"Taunya listens to what I need. at the same time, she can tell me additional areas that need to be attended to. I've had many massages over the years and I'm very pleased with Taunya style."    Keya

"Thank you so much for all your help. "  Lori P.

"Great massage, she always gives the best massage. Thank you!"  LuAnn S.

"Great experience! "  Pamela 

"I had upper back pain and she was able to work it out, made it easier to drive. Thanks Taunya for doing a great job."   Tom


Therapeutic Massage by Taunya Gosso-Brown