The following are a few five star reviews from my clients.  See all reviews on the microsite in the book now button

Therapeutic Massage by Taunya 

Taunya is very professional, has a great attitude and relaxing atmosphere, listens to your concerns and the areas you would like her to pay attention to. I can't wait to go back!  (Destiny)

Taunya makes every appointment with her the best experience ever!!  (Stephanie)

I felt completely comfortable right from the start. My stress knots are gone and I haven't been that relaxed in forever!  (Nina)

I have been going to see Taunya once a month for awhile now and she is the best. My tennis elbow has gone away along with other feet and back pain. I would definitely recommend her. (Jason)

I love getting my monthly massage! Taunya finds all the spots that I didn't even know were sore. She's very strong and can work out the worst of knots and sore muscles. I can't wait until my next massage.  (Steph)

Taunya is the best massage therapist that I have been to. She is friendly, cares to your needs and the environment is very relaxing. I would highly recommend her. (Bud)

Taunya is a wonderful therapist. Always listens to my needs and concerns and responds with an appropriate massage so I can walk away feeling my best. (Patty)

Taunya is so skilled as a massage therapist. She listens to your current conditions and is able to give a relaxing massage while working on tough muscles. I highly recommend her!  (Nicolle)

Taunya is wonderful! She listens to what your problems are and works on them, and if you forget to mention them, she seems to find them on her own. She is very good at what she does and I am so thankful for the help she has given me. Before I started, I was in pain with every step I took. Now with monthly maintenance I am usually pain free. I would highly recommend her! (Jen)

Very friendly and professional. She helps you feel at ease and works with you to find out what treatment works best for you. (Andrew)